Westchester Fans Watch Seattle Prevail In First Super Bowl Played In Region

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The Prime American Grille in Hastings had a packed house for the Super Bowl Sunday. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore
Peeskill's Rob McCarthy, who is a recreation and scholastic sports officia at a Freemasonry Masons party at Lake Ossi in Mahopac. Photo Credit: Rob McCarthy/Peeskill's
Yonkers native Mike Ware watched the Super Bowl with his dad. Photo Credit: Mike Ware
The Forcelli Family of Yonkers were behind the Denver Broncos in Sunday's Super Bowl. Photo Credit: Kara Forcelli
Northern Westchester's Charlie DeMatteo had his Super Spread out for the game. Photo Credit: Charlie DeMatteo
Away at college in Kentucky, former Yonkers resident Fadia Ezaizat was set for the Super Bowl. Photo Credit: Fadia Elaizat

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Sports fans from Yonkers to Somers and Tarrytown to Port Chester gathered in bars, homes and restaurants Sunday evening to watch Super Bowl XLVIII.

The Seattle Seahawks overwhelmed the Denver Broncos 43-8 to win their first NFL title and take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy in the first cold-weather Super Bowl and the first Super Bowl ever played in the tristate region.

Fans chose sides , though many local New York Giants or Jets backers did not seem to care which team won at their homefield, MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

"(My brother) Robbie is the Denver Broncos fan, so the while family is backing him up," said Kara Forcelli, who watched the game at her parents' home in Yonkers. 

In Hastings-on-Hudson at The Prime American Grille, the bar was packed with boisterous fans who were a bit stunned at the outcome.

By the time Seattle's Percy Harvin ran back the second-half kickoff for a touchdown and 29-0 lead, the fans were in shock.

"This is one of our biggest days at The Prime," co-owner Mike DiMiceli said. "Everyone is enjoying the game, but it's a surprise to see the Broncos not playing well."

Fadia Ezaizat, a former Hastings resident now attending college in Kentucky, was thrilled with Seattle's defense and fast start.

Yonkers native Charlie DeMatteo was watching with family at his sister's home in Cortlandt Manor.

"I'm a Giants fan but rooting for the Broncos," DeMatteo said with the Seahawks leading 8-0 early in the second quarter.. "But the Hawks defense is too good."

Mike Ware, a former star football player at Roosevelt High School in Yonkers in the 1990s, watched the game with his best bud (his father), who is retired in Virginia.

"I'm watching the Super Bowl in the only place I've ever wanted to right next to dad," Ware said with the Seahawks leading 15-0 in the second quarter. "I picked the Broncos 27-24. Oh well."

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I shut it off halfway into the 3rd Q.


"Fan" Tastic entertainment from the underdog NFC Sea Hawks...You can truly say they "Seattle/Saddled...&..."Barned the Broncos" I loved every minute of it..Broadway Joe Namath was good luck on the coin toss..He has several Florida "Osprey" a.k.a. Sea Hawks...big nests about his Loxahatchee, FL home property..When the "Knicks' win one..Walt "Clyde" Frazier will adorn "Joe Willeys" fur coat...Can't happen soon enough!!!


Forget the game, go back to scaring the beejesus out of everyone with the weather reports. Time for everyone to top off the gas tanks and buy out the super markets...

J.Dempsey Jr.:

Worst Super Bowl Ever !!

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