Port Chester Middle School Holds Civil War Day

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PORT CHESTER, N.Y. -- Port Chester Middle School will hold a Civil War Day Friday as eighth-grade students immerse themselves in various activities that were prevalent during the time period.

Social studies classes will take part in several sports of the time period including hopscotch, horseshoes and jacks.

Students will go outside to see blacksmith Bill Fitzgerald who will demonstrate the “tools” of his trade during science classes. 

Re-enactors will be present during English Language Arts classes to demonstrate how a Civil War camp was set up and how battles were fought. The re-enactors will be available for a question and answer session following the demonstration. 

Math classes will teach students about popular games during the Civil War including dominoes, checkers and dice. 

The foreign language and reading classes will be making and beading yarn lanyard bookmarks to celebrate some of the craft making activities of the era. 

Many teachers will dress in Civil War era costumes for the day.

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