Blind Brook And Japanese Students Exchange Cultures

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Ridge Street School and Greenwich Japanese School fifth-graders learned together as part of a cultural exchange. Photo Credit: contributed

RYE BROOK, N.Y. - Fifth-graders from the Greenwich Japanese School and Rye Brook’s Ridge Street School recently met and learned about similarities and differences in the Japanese and American cultures. 

Students teamed up to read a book together during a language arts exercise, and worked in pairs to create artwork for a special class book, which will be given to both classes.

The Ridge Street students then presented a gift and snack to their visitors.

During a social studies class, Ridge Street students then learned about Japanese culture as the Greenwich Japanese School students gave a presentation on different aspects of their country, including interesting facts about its geography, New Year’s Day celebrations, architecture and differences in school lunches.

Following the presentations and workshops, students worked in groups and interviewed each other. Once they finished getting to know their work-buddy, the students introduced each other. 

The district said the cultural exchange will continue when the weather turns warmer.

“The fifth-graders from Ms. Blumenstein’s class will receive additional exposure to Japanese culture when they visit GJS in June,” the district said in a statement.

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