State Dems Attack Astorino's Stance On HUD

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The New York State Democratic Committee released this ad Monday, April 28. Photo Credit: nydemsmediaroom
Rob Astorino hopes to challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his seat in November.
Rob Astorino hopes to challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his seat in November. Photo Credit: Brian Donnelly

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – The New York State Democratic Committee launched two advertisements Monday attacking Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino for his stance on the 2009 fair and affordable housing settlement.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development set a May 7 deadline for the county to comply with the settlement. Astorino said April 23 that he would rather forfeit the $5.2 million in 2012 community development block grants (CDBG) than comply, which would mean adopting an analysis of impediments (AI) that acknowledges zoning in some Westchester communities is exclusionary.

The county has already lost the $7.4 million in 2011 CDBG grants.

One ad says, “New York has a proud history of fighting discrimination. That’s why it’s shocking Rob Astorino has repeatedly violated anti-discrimination laws for years. He’s the only County Executive in the nation who refuses to comply.”

Both ads end with the line, “Rob Astorino, he’s so far right he’s wrong for New York.”

Astorino campaign spokeswoman Jessica Proud responded to the ads and referenced Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s time as HUD secretary.

"We are so glad that Gov. Cuomo is bringing this up. It begs the question: Where has he been for the past four years while HUD has been wrongly attacking Westchester communities, including Mr. Cuomo's? Does former HUD Secretary Cuomo think New Castle violates civil rights?"

Cuomo lives in New Castle. 

Westchester County Board of Legislators Chairman Michael Kaplowitz has said the county isn't giving up the $5.2 million dollars in federal grants without a fight

In the most recent Siena College poll, Cuomo leads Astorino 58 to 28 in a potential head-to-head match up. Cuomo's lead was 61 to 26 in a March poll and 64-22 in a February poll. 

In this recent poll, released April 21, Cuomo's lead over Astorino drops to 15 points when respondents were given the option of a Working Families Party candidate. 

In response to a potential three-way race in November, 39 percent of respondents said they would vote for Cuomo on the Democratic line, 24 percent said they would vote for Astorino on the Republican line, and another 24 percent said they would vote for whoever would appear on the WFP line. Another 13 percent said they did not know. 

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Comments (6)

If housing discrimination was so rampant, why was Andy Spano let off the hook for "misusing" federal funds to combat that alleged discrimination? Why has Andrew Coumo rewarded him with a patronage appointment at Board of Elections? If equality is our goal, why are the residents of affordable housing exempted from paying school taxes? If diversity is our strength, why has Andrew Cuomo, and Bill Clinton for that matter, remained mute about the affordable housing dispute in their backyards?

Hope he fights HUD to death...they are bullies and racists and are demanding more than they are entitled too. I have worked hard my entire life and could never afford to live in some of the towns they are trying to FORCE ILLEGALLY to change there zoning codes for..I'd say that's REVERSE DISCRIMINATION...

Thank God Rob is fighting the power-hungry statist leviathan. More power to him. We need to get behind him on this crucial issue. It's federal overreach and abuse of power he is fighting, and we need to pitch in.

The county can always use more money, as government's appetite for control and power is limitless. Where should all this money come from? And are we willing to sit back and watch our sovereignty be mocked? The Feds have an agenda that is not based on facts, and Astorino is calling them out on it. Good for him, and us.

he let the county down by putting politics before the people. period. the county can use this money

We don't need blood money. I say, give it back and let's keep local control over our zoning.