Suspended Port Chester Police Chief Krzeminski To Retire

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Suspended Port Chester Police Chief Joseph Krzeminski has reached an agreement with the village to retire on Jan. 2. Photo Credit: Casey Donahue, file

PORT CHESTER, N.Y. -- Port Chester Police Chief Joseph Krzeminski will retire on Jan. 2 as part of an arrangement reached with the village.

Krzeminski is currently facing federal charges for tampering with and retaliating against a federal witness. The charges stem from an alleged altercation that occurred at the home of Acting Chief John Telesca. Krzeminski is accused of assaulting Telesca and trying to coerce him into not speaking to federal investigators. He was also arrested on Oct. 31 and charged with refusing to leave a meeting of the Board of Trustees. At that time he was placed on suspension without pay.

Under the agreement reached Tuesday, Krzeminski will be placed on paid administrative leave retroactive to Oct. 29. He also agrees to withdraw his complaint of harassment against Village Manager Chris Steers, to stay off of village property without written permission from Steers, and to have no contact with Steers, Telesca, the village attorney, the Board of Trustees and any members of the Port Chester police department with the exception of his two sons who are on the force.

 As part of the agreement, the village will not take disciplinary action against Krzeminski for any events that took place prior to the agreement The village will also pay him his accrued time owed for vacation days, personal days, "days off due" and longevity, an amount totaling $107,545.48.

“Chief Krzeminski served the Village for over 33 years. He has two sons in the Police Department and is a friend to many of us. With all things considered, I believe that the agreement is the most desirable outcome for all concerned. We wish him the best in his future endeavors," said Steers.

Click here to see the agreement between Krzeminski and the village.

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Just general information. There are three keys to the evidence room which seems to implicate these particular three suspects.. It is well known some people can open a locked door with a Credit Card. There is also such a thing as a laser which locksmith's use to open car doors for people who lock their keys in their car. It takes just a second to do this. Therefore, the possibility exists someone other then those in possession of the key could very well have accessed this room by some other means.


Media Writer- I do not know you and you do not know me. I read newspapers just as you do. However, In cases of allegations and hearsay about someone charged with a serious crime or two where there could be a forty year jail sentence, I reiterate the Chief is entitled to his day in court. Newspapers often print biased stories based on different information depending on to whom they are acquiring it from(sources). I have said all along not to convict the Chief in the papers or by hearsay. It appears to me you may have been in the Police Department and know all about this case and have firsthand information. Your statement, "We wish Joe well" is conflicted with what you have written. For your information, I do read the Port Chester newspapers and also have relatives who still live there. They have not spoken to me about this case however. As long as I have lived in Port Chester as well as four generations of my family, I do have an interest in the local news. It is my hometown. although I have never read your "Deleted Post", I did receive it in my email along with its sarcastic tone questioning my intelligence. However, I am not easily offended. So your nasty attitude was for naught. Well I am on this blog I am also going to say I was shocked to see the Court Sealed Complaint against the Chief printed in full on the Web.To me that constitutes a violation of his civil rights. I am also shocked at the number of people stating they wish "Joe" well and claiming to have firsthand negative knowledge about these events, which according to law are mere allegations until proven under the present Constitutional laws.
Maybe you could enlighten me as to what Media you are affiliated with, since your pseudo name is "Media Writer." As for my being vocal, I must say you are doing a very good job of that also.


Sorry Media Writer, I never saw the blog you claim was deleted, I do not believe anyone's blog should be deleted after it is posted since these are all fair opinions of the writer hopefully based on information they have read in newspaper articles. In response to your post which was directed to my email, it is obvious I am from planet earth since I do not know any Martians and hopefully you are not deluded into believing they are here. I stated the only missing article from the police evidence room is the money. This is according to what I have read in several articles. One published in The New York Times. In addition I was born in Port Chester And lived there for 45 years before selling my home and moving to Florida to assist my ill mother.
I have fond memories of my life there where everyone knew and respected one another and Port Chester was like one big happy family. I went to the Middle school which was on Irving Avenue at that time and was attended by
residents from every part of town. Then onto Port Chester High where everyone from every part of the village went and there was never any bullying etc. people were all amicable and there was total comradeship. From what I have read in the Port Chester newspapers, this does not appear the case today. I regret this, because to me Port Chester represented to me the, "Ideal Village USA." You could walk all over town in any section and find friends and friendly neighbors. Those were the best years of my life. I am saddened to read what is happening in Port Chester today. I regret reading neighbors condemning other Neighbors before they have had their day in court and even assisting to cause another neighbor to face 40 years in prison after having been a model resident all of his life. It is my belief this could have all been worked out by friendly arbitration even though the discussions were heated. I believe civility is a part of good character.


Drugs and Rifle are not missing. They were located within the Police Department.

media watcher:

1. Drugs, money and a weapon are missing from PCPD Headquarters
2. The Chief and 2 others were suspects having the only keys to enter the room
3. When questioned the Chief acted erratically

4. The Chief was arrested by both his own department and the FBI

5. An agreement has been reached and the Chief is not allowed to talk about the PCPD unless in an official capacity ( READ: Grand Jury or Court)

6. The Chief still has federal charges pending by the federal government

It's great that he has friends like you but there's still more to the story than the BOTH of us will know and this is NOT the actions of a 30 plus year law enforcement leader. Once again PC is the laughing stock of Westchester County. I predict that this Chief will be providing a vast amount of information to the FBI in order to avoid jail. I say three cheers for the FBI!!!!


Craig Noor-Most likely you are in the business of condemnation. Why not Ask the Mayor and the Board why they dropped their lawsuit and decided to give the chief his Pension? One could say a lawsuit can be costly. Well a $109,000 a year pension is not exactly inexpensive. As I said before there are two sides to every story. Why not ask the Board and Mayor why they chose not to pursue these charges against the Chief? Could be there may be some fault on their part? What is your interest in this case? It does not appear to be justice for all.

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