Former Port Chester Police Chief Receives Lesser Charge

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PORT CHESTER, N.Y. – The former police chief of Port Chester will not face witness tampering charges if he stays out of trouble for one year, Lohud reported.

Joseph Krzeminski, 62, faced misdemeanor charges of obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest, criminal trespassing and harassment, but pled guilty in White Plains City Court to disorderly conduct according to That plea is a violation that comes with a fine. He will not serve jail time or be placed on probation.

Krzeminski had a verbal altercation with Capt. John Telesca last year and refused to leave a village Board of Trustees meeting when asked.

On Oct. 28, Krzeminski went to Telesca's home and threatened to fire him, calling him a “rat bastard” for talking to federal investigators. Two days after that, Krzeminski was arrested and charged with refusing to leave the village board meeting.

Krzeminski must adhere to several conditions in for the witness tampering charge to drop, Lohud reported, including staying away from the Telescas, committing no crimes, no weapons possession and taking his medications.

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Comments (2)

The Port Chester BOT once again loses. Their attempts to incriminate a Police officer who served Port Chester 33 years, 18 as Police chief was slandered and faced 40 years in prison on trumped up charge of Probable cause of $27,000, Drugs and a gun Missing from the evidence room. plus causing a disturbance for wanting to attend a BOT Meeting and causing a disturbance at which time the BOT and Acting Chief and four of his employee policeman removed him from the meeting in handcuffs. How low will this Board Sink? My opinion is very low. The result of slander and physical harm to this exemplary Police officer was all charges being dropped except for causing a disturbance by his right to attend a Board of Trustee Meeting, With Charges of Probable cause against him by the BOT he could have served 40 years in prison but instead could only be charged with disturbing the peace, a misdemeanor. This was disgusting behavior by the BOT and Acting Police Chief John Telesca. How much more harm can this BOT cause the residents of Port Chester? The answer is too much. Now they are pursuing all Home and Business owners on trumped up charges of non-compliance with illegal conditions in their Homes and Businesses. By their own words this involves 6000 Owners.