Suspended Port Chester Police Chief’s Retirement Tops News This Week

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See the stories that topped the news in Port Chester this week

PORT CHESTER, N.Y. -- Here are some of the stories that topped the news in Port Chester this week:

  • Port Chester Police Chief Joseph Krzeminski will retire on Jan. 2 as part of an arrangement reached with the village. Krzeminski is currently facing federal charges for tampering with and retaliating against a federal witness.
  • DNA testing by Westchester County officials has led to the arrest of a Spring Valley woman believed to be the mother of the infant boy named "Baby Angel" who was found in an Elmsford recycling plant last month.
  • The former Ossining High School teacher who was arrested and charged with sexual offenses on what was supposed to be his wedding day, was sentenced to 10 years on sex-offender probation Tuesday.
  • New York City authorities have charged 18 people believed to have been involved in a group that stole luxury vehicles from several car dealerships, including in Westchester County.
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Comments (2)


Doesn't anyone find it strange that the legally Sealed Complaint regarding the Police Chief Krzeminski has been Posted in these comments? Whenever I make a comment like this it is immediately deleleted. Most likely by Media Watcher who seems very protective of The Acting Chief. Doesn't anyone know or guess who Media Watcher really is? Appears to be a person who loves to watch things disappear, including the present Chief.


Media Watcher-Now I understand your interest. Close ties to this case! Who would know the so called facts in this case? Who would delete my post about the Sealed complaint against the Chief? Who would have access to a Court sealed document? Only someone very close to this case who may have also had access to the chief's confidential filesl. I thought it was illegal to not only have access to this sealed document and also against the law. Some very serious wrong doing here. It is no wonder my files are being deleted. Media Watcher cannot take the heat in this person's direction. Subterfuge is the only game this person knows. Having been the head of different organizations for over 40 years, in charge of more employees then are on the police force, I am quite familiar and knowledgeable of the workings of someone you are in charge of resenting your rank. Also wanting your job. Especially your salary and benefits. In addition willing to go the route as Caesar said, "E Tu Brute." Some of your closest associates
willing to commit subterfuge in order to obtain your rank and salary, even though they may not be qualified. I know because it happened to me often. I was not as generous as the chief. I thought if this person believes they are qualified, I am resigning and will not offer any assistance for learning my job.
I originally took this job as a qualified experienced individual and walked into
the job with no problem. I resigned, left and the unqualified person took my job and fell flat on their face due to lack of experience in order to do the job. Result the person was fired. I do not believe the chief should have made an agreement with the Board to assist in helping them and his successor. He was coerced as a condition for receiving his retirement pay and for dropping any lawsuits against the Village Board et al. This Chief has been very seriously maligned and railroaded. Politics can become extremely vicious. However I must admit these sort of situations arise in most businesses. Normally, there is no criminal charges involved such as the case is here. I expect this comment to be deleted by the very astute "Media Watcher." It is not difficult to figure this one out.

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