Potholes Concern Port Chester Residents

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Potholes are seen on Westchester Ave in Rye Brook/Port Chester. Photo Credit: Justin Stock

PORT CHESTER, N.Y. - George Soriano says potholes make driving around Port Chester difficult.

As changes in temperature cause road surfaces to expand and contract -- and cause potholes -- drivers have to do more than look out for other drivers.

Soriano is particularly uncomfortable on Westchester Avenue and in front of the Capitol Theater.

“The road feels like I'm driving off road,” he said in a post on the Port Chester Daily Voice Facebook page.

Lorraine Pruna-Lori said she has seen the pavement on King Street deteriorate.

“It’s gotten pretty bad,” she said in a post on the page.

The Port Chester Department of Public Works did not return a call Wednesday about what the village is doing to stay on top of the problem.

Where are the worst potholes? Please let us know in the comments section.

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King Street was quite the obstacle course yesterday. I thought for sure the driver behind me was going to call 911 & report a drunk driver until I looked in my rear view mirror & saw him doing the same.

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