Missing Autistic Mount Vernon Boy Found After Caught Shoplifting, Cops Say

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Mount Vernon native Jonathan Bryant has been recovered and returned to Westchester.
Mount Vernon native Jonathan Bryant has been recovered and returned to Westchester. Photo Credit: NYSDCJS

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. - The autistic Mount Vernon teenager that went missing nearly two weeks ago has been recovered by police in East Harlem after he was caught trying to shoplift goods at Target on Monday.

Jonathan Bryant, 15, was turned over to Mount Vernon police officials on Monday night after NYPD officers discovered that he was the subject of a Westchester County search. He was found in good health and has been taken to a juvenile facility while the facts of the case are determined.

A missing child report was issued for Bryant on Friday, Aug. 8 in Rockland, Orange and Westchester counties, as well as all of New York City. According to reports, Bryant said that he survived by sleeping on parks at night and panhandling for food rations and cash.

It had been reported that Bryant has an interest in trains and has gone missing in the past. The investigation into his 11-day disappearance is ongoing. Keep following  Daily Voice for more details as they become available. 

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People with special circumstances need some kind of monitoring device and id encase something happens like this so everyone can find them and give them special consideration. I had an autistic student with a sugar need and took candy in a store. Luckily the store owners were understanding and the candy was returned. Not everyone understands right from wrong. Keep these special need people safe. This could have ended real badly cause not everyone is aware of the special needs that some of us need.