Greenwich Woman Uses CPR To Save 5-Year-Old Boy's Life At Pool

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A woman saved a 5-year-old from drowning at a Greenwich pool party Monday afternoon by using CPR.
A woman saved a 5-year-old from drowning at a Greenwich pool party Monday afternoon by using CPR. Photo Credit: File

GREENWICH, Conn. -- A tragedy was averted as a woman at a children's pool party Monday afternoon used her CPR training to revive a 5-year-old boy who wasn't breathing when he was pulled from the deep end of the pool, police said.

"Absolutely," Greenwich Police Lt. Kraig Gray said. 'It was fortunate that there was someone with at least minimal training who was able to provide CPR." The near-drowning occurred at a pool party on Winthrop Drive in Riverside at about 2:30 p.m.

Five mothers were in attendance at the party, along with eight children ranging in age from 5 to 8, Gray said.

At the time of the incident, the mothers were all inside eating lunch in a place where they were able to keep an eye on the children, he said. Suddenly, the mother of the victim couldn't see her son and rushed outside, Gray said. She found him below the water line in the deep end of the pool, he said.

The boy had not been wearing a flotation vest but had been using a noodle pool toy to stay afloat, Gray said.

When the boy was brought to the surface, he was stiff, appeared blue and wasn't breathing, Gray said. One of the mothers had taken CPR training and began performing it while 911 was called, Gray said. The woman continued to perform CPR for several minutes until the boy began to spit out large quantities of water, he said.

Shortly after personnel from Greenwich Emergency Service arrived the child began to cry and breathe on his own.

The latest report was that the child was doing well after being taken to Greenwich Hospital, Gray said late Tuesday afternoon.

Gray said that this is the type of call that first responders dread. It was fortunate the CPR-trained mother was able to act quickly to revive the boy, he said.

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I say kudo's to the woman who took the time to take a CPR class, otherwise this child wouldn't have survived. Imo, taking a CPR class is the least expensive investment you'll make in your child's life. At least these mothers were in sight of the kids.

Wow - a very close call. With children this young and especially one who needed a flotation device, there ought to have been an adult at poolside at all times. Thank goodness the child's life was saved. I hope pool owners and parents see this article and realize there is no substitute for vigilance. I felt that way when I owned property with a pond I did not want to fence off whenever my daughter and other young children were around the water. Happily, there was never a tragedy because there was always an adult close by watching the kids.